Toucinho do céu

Um porquinho generoso queria fazer feliz as pessoas ao seu redor.

Armou-se de corda e balões e “Aqui vou eu!” disse!

Voando voando voaaaaando, bem alto no céu, a distribuir um maravilhoso pitéu!


A generous pig wanted to make people happy around him.

He grabbed some rope and balloons, and “here I go!” he said!

Flying flying flyyyyyyyyyying away, high up into the sky, sharing his wonderful delicacy!IMG_20141214_191324189IMG_20141214_225336676IMG_20141214_234227540IMG_20141214_235543686IMG_20141215_132536321_HDRIMG_20141215_172543022IMG_20141215_175422989DSCF0186

data: 15-12-2014

Aguarela sobre papel Magnani 300gr


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